Welcome! I am Ricardo Guiao Jr, got my name from my father, but i most prefer to be called Gio. This is my Blog, YES! im blogging, of my so-called “subconscious-output-of-words-sometimes-with-photos-while doing-nothing-in-office-as-i-practice-english-writing-professionally-plus-portfolio-geekness-and-anything-that-i-can-think-about-blog”.

Thanks for dropping by and wasting your precious life in gazing upon this “subconscious-output-of-words-sometimes-with-photos-while doing-nothing-in-office-as-i-practice-english-writing-professionally-plus-portfolio-geekness-and-anything-that-i-can-think-about-blog” which i hope that you may find it interesting as my not so interesting life unfolds to your monitor.

I’m a graphic artist extraordinaire, forte on illustrations, cartoon and graphics. Currently employed under AVON Cosmetics Incorporated as a Computer Graphic Artist. i’m on the verge on exploring the capabilties of the net in my very own understanding and taking advantages from it to make my life, or free time, productive. so come on and support me on this.