Read at your own risk

Seen it, Love it!!
Im a Batman guy and absolutely love Nolan and Goyer’s concept on the Batman story line on how they wanted it to be more on a serious and reality based movie. I was intensely in love with Batman Begins and now comes The Dark Knight makes it more true to the concept of what Bob Kane had visioned in his character the moment he conceptualized it.
Yes! TDK is going to be one of the highlight of 2008.
From beginning to end, the movie is violent, stunning and mind blowing. The characters are more real than the comics, specially Ledger’s Joker character where he transformed and owned the character. There are a lot of jaw dropping moments for me in the film, and I can assure you that you’ll enjoy every second of it.
All the main character on the film had their own moment to shine and each had a very climatic twist for building up the story and evolve one of the character, Harvey Dent.
Effects, stunt and make up are very stunning and the Two Face is surreal.
I wouldn’t advice to bring the little ones because of the violence that is in the film and If you do be sure to guide them accordingly.
Best movie, waited almost a year for this. No disappointment, pure satisfaction.
Rest In Peace