I’m guilty about this, I’m a Comic Sans user. Way back when I first could type on a computer, the first font I fell in love with is Comic Sans. I used to  use it a lot on projects, homeworks and comics. Because I’m a frustrated comic artist and Comic Sans is the closest font you can have on a Microsoft windows as a free font, it’s the closest thing to a comic font or a hand written font. But as you grow, you mature and you may notice or discover other fonts. And you have finally had knowledge how to install or download font. hehe

I’m not good at typeface, but I do have favorites. I’m a simple artist and I love the simple Arial, Times New Roman. Helvetica, Emulogic. But I prefer now is Clementine for my comics. It gives the comic feel with a funny and playful vibe that I used to get from Comic Sans.