This week I’m in a mood for some fan art.

Here’s Kapitan Tog and a parody for the dark knight returns.

Kapitan Tog ang Superhero laging nauuntog (Captain Tog, the superhero that always gets bump on the head.) is a product of kartoonist and SKP member Freely Abrigo.

Freely’s style is very funny, playful, elastic and never boring. Just looking at his artworks are awesome and his works can almost move by itself.

I imagine a TOG movie and Jimmy Santos as Kapitan TOG

Freely’s a nice fellow, met him in way back and I was amazed from his work. I was inspired to do komiks again, we chat sometime, even teach him some simple animation in ImageReady. But never met in person. I ask for him for some advice on how to make it in the komiks industry, he’s a very inspiring individual. We finally met at a Free Comic Book Day event I think it was 2011. It’s from him that I got the information about Indieket 2012 where I first entered the Indie Komiks Scene, so if not for Freely, I wouldn’t be doing komiks at all. Also he is one of the easiest person to approach and he really support Pinoy komiks, the Indie komiks scene and other artist specially the new ones like me, as he gives advice to them. He also take time to draw a caricature for them on their birthday.

Caricature by Freely Abrigo

Belated Happy Birthday Bro.