No this is not about my Ninang, may she rest in peace.

It is about Liwayway A. Arceo’s short story: Umiiyak ang Ninang ko

I came upon this book of LAA, Mga Kwento ng Pag-ibig, a collection of some of her stories about…lalalalalalaLOVE!!

I was waiting for my college friends at a Resto named St. Bede’s Kitchen at Judge Jimenez Street Kamuning Quezon City. By the way, the food at St. Bede’s Kitchen are very delightful and delicious. Arvin cooked up a very interesting Bicol Express, and I love the Bulalo Steak, uber satisfied. Also the Tilapia with the sauce and spice… Oooohh Wow!!

Where was I? the book. so while waiting for my friends (most are former Advocate members… very old) hehehe I sat down at the couch and picked up some book just to pass the time. And I came upon this book, really I was thinking of reading Nick Joaquin’s Manila, My Manila. But I was discourage because its going to be a long read so i picked the LAA book.

I read the first story and I find it interesting. Its about a little girl on how she sees the Love Story of her ninang and Badong. ti’s actually a sad story. The most part I liked in this story was how the author approach her audience. She wrote the lines of that innocent girl as she was trying to figure out why her ninang was crying, while she talks to Badong and comparing him to Tony. The girl’s ninang is caught between her real love Badong whose a small time basurero whom her ninang and the girl really love. and Tony, a rich guy who can give everything to her ninang but her ninang loves Badong most.

It’s facinating how one little girl sees our world of complications on to her simple point of view. when her ninang was crying and doesn’t want to eat, she ask her if she may call Badong so that her ninang will feel better though her Lola doesn’t and told her not to get involve, yet on the little girl’s mind she was very confused because she thinks and feels that what she do is the best to make her ninang well. My Favorite part (the last line) is: (im gonna recall the lines) ganun ba badong pag kinakasal? Umiiyak si ninang kase ikakasal na sya, kaya ba sya umiiyak? Oh Badong ba’t umiiyak ka din?? Ikakasal ka na rin ba??

hehehe I think my english is bad.

Don’t forget to visit St. Bede’s Kitchen at Judge Jimenez Street Kamuning Quezon City. Where great food are served. Also u can see many good paintings on the walls. The place itself has a feel good ambiance. Good for dates.

and most of all

mura pa beer