Before I started this entry I would like to thank everyone who helped in the rehabilitation of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan). I wasn’t  able to post or create any strips lately. Very Depress. After a week this is the first post I made and later post a strip.

This last Komikon, I’ve soft released my first book. A compilation of Lakan at Makisig: Make It Makulit. OH YEAH OH YEAH! I was actually planning to release it next year, but I got so excited. Before I submitted proposals to some publisher while I was making the book layout. I got so motivated that I finished it at one sitting and tried to print a dummy just to see what it’ll look like. The next day, I got really excited that I went on to soft binding it. Thanks to Sea Lemon’s Youtube Tutorials. Although not perfect, the book looks awesome.

not actual cover

I was kind of impatient on the waiting for some publisher to reply, so I went on to print some new copies. I also changed the cover, that looks more of what the insides pages offers. My mom got a free laser printer when she bought a laptop, it is where I printed my inside pages. I was really on a tight budget. I also bought a paper cutter.

toner is very expensive!

needs mastery on this

The first run is my labor of love. I’ve put a lot of time and dedication on this. I’ve done everything totally Indie! Cutting, print and bind, all done by me. It just shows how passionate I am on this craft. I’ve experience frustrations, learned from mistakes, and how hard it is to have a book printed.

Passion and Love on these first 9 books

I would like to Thank everyone who supported me on this venture. My wife and my family. To my kids, Lakan and Makisig. To everyone who purchased the book, I may not name some of you but Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also thanks to my fellow komikeros for the support and motivation. Thanks to Tepai for the advice for investing on binding, where I suck, so I apologize with the jagged cuts on the book.

With the recent tragedy that our country has faced, I donated the earnings of the first 3 books to Red Cross at the Komikon event last Nov 16. Donated P900 to the cause, and it feels good that I helped in my own special way. I even donated toiletries and clothes thru AVON.

I would also thank everyone who had given a little something for the cause, fellow komikeros, the Komikon Inc, where as became a tool for me to donate with my God given talents. Thanks to the people of the world whom never stop lending their hand for help. And to the people who inspires us to have a heart and lend a hand.

We may have our ups and down but we may learn from them, it may help us endure more challenges in the future.