So you may not get lost…

Follow the imaginary Brick Road and you’ll find Ardie Aquino and Giosdesk! See tomorrow sa Komikon! We’re so Excited to see you!

How to go to Bayanihan Center??
let Jerald UY show you the way and some tips for surviving tomorrow’s AWESOMENESS


I haven’t able to post anything lately. Because Im really preparing for this event, so it will be really awesome if you can drop by and grab a copy. Labor of love! As I said before, I did everything, even the binding of the book. All of them. I even added some stickers to give away! FREE!

These past week is very busy, and LIFE CHANGING! So I have to go on hiatus in posting new komiks…

We went to the province over a weekend. And I’m officially not living with my parents, they migrated to US so I have to be responsible and be in full Daddy Mode! so wow.

I do apologize to some if the posting went cold. But as soon as I can handle things smoothly everything’s going to ok.

So the kids are having hard time adjusting. We totally stopped them from drinking in a bottle specially Makisig (yeah a too late for us). Lakan is going on a summer camp (well not like a camp, there’s no sleepover and stuff. they just call it camp, it’s more of a summer school thingamajig!). Their biggest challenge is having their own room.

Independence is a bit hard. We must become more responsible everyday. The earlier we learn it, the better.