I’ll be at SM Taytay tommorow participating for a Barong Design Contest. I am honored to represent my home town, Cainta, for RIZAL Inter-town Barong Festival for Araw ng Lalawigan ng Rizal this June 11-15. It’s an on-the-spot graphic contest where artist would make the Barong as their canvas.


Barong ba kamo?

A Barong Tagalo, or simply a Barong which describes the formal men’s wear of the Philippines. It is properly referred to as the ‘Baro ng Tagalog’ (dress of the Tagalog). Contracting the first two words produces ‘Barong,’ which literally means ‘dress of.’ So, if we want to be correct, we wouldn’t say just ‘Barong.’ But, the slang way of referring to one of the beautiful formal shirts is simply Barong. Yes, the Barong Tagalog is a dress, a garment, a coat in itself. It is not merely a ‘shirt’. If it were, then it would need a coat or a jacket over it to qualify as formal wear and would have to be worn tucked inside the trousers.


The Barong will be Exhibited on June 12 at the SM Taytay Activity Center.