Today is the 153rd Birthday of one of the great Filipino, an inspiration to many, our National Hero’ Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

I’m more of a Bonifacio guy but I really admire Pepe (Rizal’s nickname) with his bravery, wisdom and knowledge. I think of him as a Renaissance man like Da Vinci. Rizal is not only a Doctor, but also a novelist, poet, ophthalmologist, journalist, and revolutionary. He also did a comicstrip… like me! hehehe He did the The Monkey and the Tortoise, in his cartooning style.

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And here’s my comicstrip tribute back in 2012

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And another for Rizal Day back in 2012

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And since this post is about tribute, heres some of my favorite artist and strips paying tribute to Rizal.

1st is this Steam Punk Rizal by Artist/Writer Gerry Alanguilan, for FCBD 2013. It was from his project The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal. I really enjoy looking at Gerry’s artwork.

Jetpack Joyride JpRizal (click image for link)



Next is from Dead Balagtas, a very witty, funny and smart comicstrip that is currently on Philippine Daily Inquirer. Even before I’ve been reading this strips on the web. And it is not only funny but informative. A different look on our History. I think Dead Balagtas is currently teamed up with Team Manila Lifestyle for a line on shirts. I thinking of getting one. Maybe after Toycon.

from (click image for link)

From Dead Balagtas Facebook (click image for link)

I think of getting this shirt. Dead Balagtas also has a tumblr (click image for link)

Another from my Artist Friend Nemo Aguila. As part of a Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) Show back in 2011 I think??? What if JPRizal was a monster.


These are awesome tribute to our National Heroes and it is our responsibility to remember, commemorate and share these knowledge and wisdom for our future generations for them to more appreciate the freedom they have today.


Happy Birthday Pepe

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