I had a blast attending Toycon. It was pretty much of a hunting ground for toy enthusiast and collectors. I came in with 2 of my buddies Carter and Elo and It is the few times that I get to have friends with me, I usually go alone or with my wife who just let me do my thing as she wanders around by herself. Me and the guys bought some fake mustache and walk around the Toycon floor, feeling cosplayer. One of the highlight is the gallery on the separate room where diorama, collections, contest participants are displayed. We didn’t stay long for the cosplay event, but we did see a glimpse of Roxee B.

Like Patrick and SpongeBob!

When I go to Toycon, my main goal is to hunt down Batman collectibles, loose figures or any bat stuff that’ll fit my budget for that day. The hunt is very rewarding especially if you find that hard to find item in the best deal ever! You also get to see some fellow collectors and even trade or bargain some of your hauls.

They usual Toycon Haul shot

The Comics peeps we’re also there so it was a little reunion to them but I don’t get to hang around them for the hunt is not yet over. Got to see some old friends whose into toy collecting. There are some cosplayer, some are ok and others are blah but the really good ones stand out.

Best Deal at Toycon! My friend Elo got this in a very pamigay DEAL!

I didn’t bring the kids because it’s hard to watch them and buy toys at the same time and the place is jam pack. Maybe if I go there just to hang around and not to buy much toys then maybe I’ll bring them later but that would need a 2 day pass and I usually go just a day, just one day pass by the wife commandeer. I bought her some awesome shades that resembles a Catwoman mask as tribute.

Toycon Aftermath Mini Toycon at Home with Cosplay event

Earth to White… This is Planet Earth

Earth to Black… Are you there??

Since I didn’t bring the kids, when I get home I let them play with the figures I got and also with my old toys. I keep on telling them to take care of their toys and not to play rough on them so that they won’t get broken. We brought out a beenie hat which we got on an earlier Toycon and a pair of goggles which I bought that day for Lakan at Makisig Cosplay! Me and my wife love Tekkonkinkreet so much, and when our son fit with the main characters. Makisig as Black and Lakan as White. Oh they we’re the cutest! Then I remember that I still got that fake mustache and we try to put it on Makisig! My wife remembered that we have a Mario and Luigi hat we also got from previous Toycon. So thus a Mario and Luigi Cosplay we did! Lakan, at first didn’t want to have the mustache, we have to hold him and stick that mustache on him. When he realize how silly he looks with it, he wears it and laughs at himself. It was very late and they have school the next day and us some work but we are laughing so hard and having fun!



That sunday was awesome, especially how the day end, looking forward for more Toycon and by that time with the kids. Congrats to Toycon and its organizers and sponsors! More Power!

Photos by my wife. @Indiedaisy