Its been a long time since I last posted anything on this site. It feels like forever. But all is fine.

Took a very long break and recently made Lakan at Makisig strips that I maybe posting in October.

The kids are now a year older, a lot of changes happen on our personal lives, so it’s hard to keep up with making strips.

Bubay Book1 by Ayi Santos Available in Filbars and Pandayan Bookshop

Currently I’ve been doing strips for Bubay by Ayi Medina-Santos (Pol Medina’s Sister) that I work on the side. It’s a blast, doing work for other writers. There been other artist that had done Bubay, hopefully my run will make the strip have more audience and also more audience for my strips.

During my down time I’ve been playing the Arkham Series, so I’m excited with the Arkham Knight. During August, my PC broke so I can’t make strip or play games. Bummer. The PC is now up and running, and I let the kids play Nes games on a emulator.

So far, We got a gig for selling art stuff at BGC ArtMart this September 27, hopefully you can drop by…

fist Bump!