Lakan at Makisig Playing around with stapeggi… (spaghetti)
Since that Batgirl cover variant with the Joker became a hot topic in the interwebs.
This is my Lakan at Makisig take on that variant cover.
Well for me, I wish that DC should make new stories and not re-imagine too much of some well established canon/ story arcs of past issue. But the Batgirl-Joker Variant is a very beautiful nod of “The Killing Joke” story, some people didn’t like the cover variant. I don’t know what the story of the said issue is about because Im stuck with the Pre-New52, which I really like, but what makes Barbara a standout character of the DC Universe is that how her determination, even after the tragedies, molds her into a more strong and irreplaceable team player of the Batman Family. Oracle, with all her hardship still manages to become of the great character of DC.
Yeah the new Batgirl of the New52 looks more awesome and appealing to new readers, I’d hope that she is still that Barbara Gordon character that I admire.

I don’t want to push any buttons or make a statement regarding the Batgirl-Joker Variant Cover. This is just me having fun.