Jolens Photo from Carlo Maceda

Photo by Derlyn Maceda (Creative Saints) Playland Fishermall

During Linggo ng Wika event last Aug 1 at Fishermall. Creative Saints held an On-the-spot Mang Gener Drawing Contest. Mang Gener was the character portrayed by Direk Carlo Maceda in the TV series FLordeliza. I did a quick cartoon rendition and though I didn’t win, Direk Carlo invited us to have some burger at Playland upstairs and had a little chat.

Photo from

Me doing a Power stance (FisherMall)

IkosKarimlan, Ray Vidal, Ronskie, Jaujau Photo from Creative Saints

And Recently, he messege me with a picture of co-star Jolina with the Mang Gener Artwork I did. Kiligs! Thanks to FisherMall, PlayLand, Creative Saints ( , Direk Carlo and Kit Perez.

and here’s a link video from TV5