Its already 12 midnight Sept. 1, 2008. I was waiting for an FX or Jeep to ride home in Buting. Suddenly this guy walk right in front of me and said, “Is this the only Mandarin oriental around in Paseo??” I replied, “OO yan na yun!!”. The guy who look like a reggae version Roderick Paulate then said, “Im not a bad person of some sort, I just really need your help. I’m Balikbayan and I was supposed to meet my brother here around 3pm. I can’t check in the hotel because i left my wallet in my pad back in Ayala Alabang. All I got is some Pilipino coins which I don’t even recognize.” Well to think that he already waited all his life for his brother, I don’t know where the hell is Ayala Alabang… I haven’t been there. The guy ask if he could borrow some money for he can ride a taxi and he promised that he will pay me back first thing in the morning. Well my office is just on the other side of the road. Then the guy ask what size of shoes im wearing so he could give me pair of shoes when he pays me back. Well I’m really willing to help the guy, and I even pulled out a 500 peso bill from my wallet but very hesitant to give the guy the money right away. I asked him if he could give me anything that so we can exchange the next morning once he pays me… collateral. The guys wearing a jagged maong pants, striped T-shirt and a gold watch. He had a beard and his hair is kind a afro. I asked if he had a calling card, he said he has none. He try to find something in his pocket and he got a pack of marlboro lights and a cheap LCC lighter… green. I was trying to find a pen in my bag so I can write down his name or my name and some contact details to make sure i could contact him the next day. then i suddenly felt my cellphone and had an idea that i will just take his picture on my camera phone. Right after I suggested that i will take a picture of him, he disagreed and say thanks and walked away, then the Roderick Paulate look-a-like calls out a taxi and went away.

I really wanted to help. Willingly. But I was too hesitant, I just known the guy for a couple minutes, we shake hands… and i didn’t even got his name. I don’t trust him at all, but i was willing to give him my 500 peso bill, I already got the money out of my wallet.
Then it came to me that maybe this is just a scam. If I were the guy and Im in the middle of nowhere, i will do anything just to get home. I would even let him take a picture of me. If only i have a scanner i would like to post it here. I can sketch the guy in my mind hehehe.
That’s some night.