One boring morning, and thats today, my senior wasn’t around so I feel so free to browse through the internet while waiting for some work to do. I just pressed play to my iTunes playlist and found my self listening to the ending theme of Bioman… I was thinking of recreating that song to a tagalog version similar giniling festival “Psycho Sya”. The Bio Beat Soldier song instead i’ll title it “Baho Me Sobra”. I was planning my customized layout on multiply from the Joker Theme since The Dark Knight and me birthday is already finished. And since I came upon the Bioman topic, Bioman will be the theme on my next multiply theme.
So there I go surfing on again for sentai, I did this when we got our first PC I think back in 2002, I started to research on my childhood interest and found some information about the history and other sentai trivia. Yes! I admit that one of the true reason I looked the sentais was when i heard from someone in the radio that Pink Five (Bioman) became a pornstar after Bioman.

PINK FIVE aka Hikaru Katsuragi
(played by Michiko Makino)
But instead I found a lot about Annie from Shaider also became a pornstar and found pics of her, but none of pink five… tsk tsk tsk well thats years ago.
Lets rewind back to me childhood, i remember watching them on a saturday morning at IBC-13 the pilot episode of Bioman and i remember talking about it when I was in grade 1 i think. Bioman was not the only super sentai series around my era. there were Maskman right after Shaider on a Saturday Afternoon. Also Turbo ranger was in channel 13. Fiveman was in Channel 5. Jetman, GoogleFive in channel 9. Then The Mighty Morphing Power Ranger (the american sentai or the recycled japanese costumed that american actors wore) in Channel 2.
Trivia: In 1980’s Bioman, Farrahcat is one of the villains. She was Farrah’s assistant in the Neo Empire (like the amazons in Shaider), she was usually seen squaring off with the female members of the bioman. Ahe was played by Yukari Oshima or more popularly known in the Philippines as Cynthia Luster. After Bioman she did a lot of martial arts films in Hongkong as well here in the Philippines where she teamed up with actors such as Lito Lapid and Vic Sotto. I remember watching her in Kasangga 2000 with Monsour Del Rosario and Ricky Davao hehehe. (link source)
(Cythia Luster in her Macho Look)
I stumble on this site for for HiRes Pics Scans
Childhood memories :D… Fast forward to present, I’m browsing the net for images of Bioman that i can compose for my multiply layout, then i got to stumble on this artist that he recompose the Bioman and make it into a more cartoon characters. His Art was good and the movement was very comic. yet I have no idea about the text because his blog is in French?? I think.
well i think I’m off to make the layout