July is the Anniversary of 100 araw ng Komiks campaign for promoting Filipino local comics industry.

They been sharing and promoting Filipino talents thru social media like facebook. I recently joined the Group Indie Komiks Manila and people here are very active and friendly.

Recently, I joined the Indieket an Independent Comic Market (hence the name) here in the Philippines.

It’s been my dream and frustration to be a comic artist. Ever since in High School I was reading comics and fell in love with comic strip where find very challenging to create story in a 2-5 panel with a punchline at the end. I fell in love with imports like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and my very fave Pol Medina’s Pugad Baboy. I became a comic artist in HS paper and in college I got my  own Gio’s desk page. LogicBoy was one of my comic title and I also revamp FEU Advocate’s Far Eastern Side slot.

But lately, i wasn’t able to pursue this career due to other work and my responsibility as a father of two. I still draw comics back in 2009 for personal gratification. I started Projectgiosdesk, a 1 comic per day self project but failed. I posted it on my Multiply account but wasn’t able to maintain it. But great fully I met there Mr. Freely Abrigo, whom works like Ga at Go, Kapitan Tog and Kulas (my fave) befriends with him. He’s a nice guy and I really like his comical style and it’s wit. I was inspired to continue my comic career. He Introduces me to Indieket and here we are, I’m a Participant on July 14 event and very excited.

Since the born of my 2 lovable kids, I been working hard to support them. also thanks to my wife for being very supportive and letting me do my frustrations like music and arts etc. I change the title of my comic to Lakan at Makisig. the name of my two kids. They’re the Lead character for my comic strip with my old character like Gio (me) and Flor de Luna Fuetnibella.

This July is my Lucky month, it’s the month my angels we’re born (they we’re both born on July, with only a year between), the showing of The Dark Knight Rises, and the Indieket (please do come at the event, there are many local talents and comics for sale). And I’m doing more comic strip and trying to make it on maybe a local paper or something for the web. Or may be some producer would make it to a animated show.