Since 2009 is fast approaching (2 days to go) one of my new years resolution is to continue my passion in cartooning and make comic strips. And since my giosdesk accoont is my personal account and I might mixed up in uploading personal photos, i’ve decided to make another account solely for my proffesional needs and moon lighting purposes.

So This account is still under construction, most of my materials are at the office hehehe.

What to expect here??

Well I’ve planned to upload, hopefully, a weekly comic strip. to continue the Giosdesk Comics I’ve started way back in highschool. I’ve always dreamed of having my own comic strip on a famous newspaper but didn’t have any luck on having a break, except in highschool and college, to a professional comic artist career. I just wanted to pursue one of my obsessions of being famous like jess abrera or pol medina and my new idol Freely Abrigo ehehehehe

-Im also be posting my works here and well my rate of different services. As bugsy says: “Will Photoshop for Food” and of course the price is reasonable “Kasing Ganda Ngunit Hindi Kasing Mahal”.

-I’m also posting here some projects that might come to my mind or any creative stuff I wanted to share to you guys.

2009 Here we go!!