Ok shift from the Dark Knight Collection to this beauty.

my first DSLR.

I had used SLR back in college that was my uncle’s Ricoh SLR camera. but having film develop just to be appreciate gets my budget to zero. back then how i wish to buy a DSLR, i get jealous from my advo colleague bcoz they got to afford one, I can’t even buy one old skul cam.

but that was in the past, i got to have a paying job but still can’t one, because of my other interest (the God-damned Batman). Some my officemate got to buy a DSLR even ikkuh, I felt left out. I was planing to loan a brand new cam this year, but I got married and was anxious to spend money I was saving for a family.

But one Wednesday after a lunch out with the CGA team, my good friend-co-worker-photographer-ex-roomate-kabarkada Alex was on the 11th floor and trying to sell a 400d cannon SLR.

well the deal was sweet with all the additional. even the camera is almost 2yrs old I got this feeling that I always get when I canvas for my Batman Toys…. baka di ko na makita to ulet. the deal was too good to let it slip. i even make tawad (yuck con˜o). but some colleague of mine said it was a good deal, emer also wanted to take the deal but he gave way for me. I talked it to my wife and she says it up to me.

then i bought from sir.jek and find my self fulfilled with my new toy.

hehehehe bugsy meron na ko hehehe

Just in time for the long vacation, because my relatives from US will be coming home and i can boast my new toys.

and just in time for my baby… can’t wait to see that one coming out

It’s time to try out this one. hehehe