10-10-2012 High Five!

New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

Wow… I didn’t realize that it’s been a year already since I started Lakan at Makisig Komiks. I’m 5 months delayed for the celebration.

I cooked up the idea as a tribute for my kids. Back then in college I’ve been doing komiks titled Gio’s desk. It’s kinda bio-komik, or something vain. But life as we know it came. I been trying to go back to komiks then, but I got married had kids. So I taught of a komik that still connected to my life. Hence Lakan at Makisig.
I’ve been posting since May 2011 about L@M on my tumblr and wordpress account. But I only started posting as a daily the day before Indieket, July 13, 2012. So it’s been almost 3 months and some days I’ve been posting everyday. It’s my personal challenge to post one-a-day because it’s always my dream to see my work in newspapers daily.

I am always happy with feedbacks, reviews, relink, shares and everything from you guys. Thank You!
Recently I’ve chatted with a college friend and she’s willing to sponsor me to have my site have a domain to be a giosdesk.com. I’m happy and excited to see that happen and I would like to thank you guys for taking time. Come visit again for more Lakan at Makisig! Enjoy!