7-15-2012 It's in ENGLISH!

True Story!
One of my marketing strategy yesterday at the Indieket was this, It’s IN ENGLISH!! and this foreigner who seems glance at my booth suddenly became interested and bought one of each!

I’m really happy when people laugh at my work…
of course! Yesterday there’s this lady who’s just glancing on my work and started laughing hysterically. she bought one, then came back and bought two. Then she came back with a friend an
he bought all 3.

That feeling is priceless!

Earlier I had a great rest, then played with the kids. And for the first time, the whole household went out. I treated them Dinner because of the blessing I had. My mom and Dad, my brother, my ninang, Lakan at Makisig and my wife who also supported me on the Indieket Day.