7-17-2012 There is Light ahead

July is my luckiest month of the year.
First this is the month my boys we’re born and thanks to them my world change and it helped me evolve to the man I am today.
Then there’s the Indieket Event my first time to participate and sell my own published komiks.
Another The Dark Knight Rises, as for people who knew me, I’am a Batman Fanboy. (we’re watching on IMAX yey!)
Then this morning I happen to see another event for indie komik people on Aug. Already registered, hopefully I can sell my stuff there.

Now Im planning to do a book (I noticed that people prefer to buy komiks that are bound or has nice cover) I’ll still be selling L@M 1-3 but call them as samplets (sampler and phamplet) but before I start dreaming ahead I should start making more strips, that im currently doing habitually (strictly 1 strip a day) and wish that i may join the Metro Comic Con for Aug.

now if you’ll excuse me,
gotta go work me some bacon!