7-20-2012 Raining

1 day to go before i can finally watch TDKR!

I dunno if the weatheris just trolling or what.
lately it’s been so hot in the morning then rain pour.
one time, i was riding FX service bound home, i have no umbrella whatsoever and really need to go home, when I stepped on the FX, theres no rain. Then when it’s near my destination it started the downpour. I have no choice but to go straight down and find cover. Rode another jeepney with that rain por, imagine soaking wet! After 5mins the rain stopped. gAaaahH!

Rain’s is such a jerk at times, specially at times you forgot to grabbed an umbrella. I am a kind of guy who doesn’t bring one.

Late I was trying not to get on the internet because I don’t want to be spoiled with TDKR.

Maybe I’ll wear a bat shirt tomorrow or something.