8-15-2012 Tra la la

New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

So again I joined the Chorale for our company’s event this August 25. We will be doing an invocation and the event will be held at the BIG DOME!!

Yay! 3rd time to sing at the Araneta Stage! So one day I may tell it to Lakan at Makisig that their Father did a gig there hahaha :Kids let me tell a story about the days I sang at the Big Dome.


But because of that event, I may not be able to join this year’s Metro Comic Con that will be held at Mega Trade Hall. (I’m also part of a committee at our company’s event) But I not sure if MCC is still a go because they’re not confirming any of the emails or query at their Facebook Page.

We got to go to choir practice