9-25-2012 Oooh Toys!

New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

This happens to a lot, then i just browse around.
Hahaha unless I got no money on me.
Got to collecting toys since 2007, my roomate influenced me. He Collects almost everything (toys, cars, umbrella) and I try to collect and limit myself to Batman Toys. I also got some books and komiks some super mario on my collections. It takes so much of my budget, I remember last july on Indieket that most earning I made was used to buy komiks. Well as long as I enjoy it. I lost count on my batman collection. At first I only focus on Batmobile but the moment I took hold of an action figure, I couldn’t help my self. Maybe I’ll do a inventory and take some picture after Komikon.