9-8-2012 Road to GTMACCon 2

New Strip from your Daily Stripper giosdesk! Stripping Daily! Enjoy!

Just came from the Road to GTMACCON event, met with other indie komik creators, hang out. twas fun! I think events like these are excuse for komik creators to hang out with creators.

And instead of saving up the money i got from selling, I saw this The Darknight Rises Head Knockers by NECA at the COMIXHUB booth. And reserved it at the blink of an eye. I don’t have enough money so I waited for my wife to came so she can lend me. I even starved myself during lunch so I can save up and sell more komiks so I can buy that Toy. I don’t have money left, too bad for the Back to the Future Hotwheels……

Sorry I don’t have that much photos ha!