I had just changed the theme and over-all looked of my site (giosdesk.com). I’m not that good with these things though I tried my best to understand the basic. So far the over all looks great but there’s some things I need to enhance. Hopefully you’ll liked it.

Regarding the election yesterday, and the upcoming result. I was kind of disappointment regarding the outcome not only with the National but on local municipalities on the provinces. I think even with the modernization of the election, some people are still not involved in the choosing of leaders. As if they just don’t give anything at all on this matter. And what makes me more disappointed is that those elected official, even with bad record or no record at all still wins. Take note of the Ampatuan Dynasty still manages to win after that tragedy and scandal, their relative and spouses still get voted. I don’t know if its a matter of trust or fear.

The power we have as people of this democratic country lies on our right to choose our leader, and this is the legacy we leave to our children in future generations.